Kde žije Pavel Šporcl?


Pavel Šporcl is a world-renowned violin virtuoso and a household name in the Czech Republic. After eighteen years of living together with his actress and TV presenter partner Barbora Kodetová (47), the couple recently bought a family home in Říčany, close to Prague.

The news was a cause for celebration for the star couple, as it had been a long-standing dream of theirs to buy a house for their family. The big purchase was made on the 10th of August 2018 for a whopping 23 million Czech crowns.

A Czech newspaper reported that the couple had paid off all their debts to be able to afford the house. Kodetová and Šporcl revealed that the purchase of the family home was the realization of a long-held dream.

The house is a 4-story building, located in a residential area, surrounded by greenery, and with ample garden space. It was reported that the family is already in the process of arranging the house to their tastes. The couple has three children, and both Šporcl and Kodetová have indicated that they wanted to provide their children with a stable family environment with a house of their own.

The house is close to the town of Říčany, in the Central Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. The town is well-known for its beautiful parks and historic buildings. It is also close to the Czech capital, Prague, and the couple will be able to enjoy the city’s vibrant culture and nightlife.

The family is now settling into their new home, and it seems that their dream of having a family home is finally coming true. It is a long-awaited and happy moment for the couple and their children. The couple also plans to renovate the house to make it a comfortable, modern home for their family.

Pavel Šporcl and Barbora Kodetová have been living together for eighteen years, and now, they can finally call a house their own. After all those years, the couple can finally call Říčany their home. With a beautiful house, a tranquil and picturesque town, and close proximity to Prague, Šporcl and Kodetová can now enjoy the best of both worlds.

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